About ACT Memory

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ACT Memory provides information about ACT Government archives. Most ACT Government archives become eligible for public access when they are twenty years old. Some records may be withheld from public access to protect personal privacy, public safety, or legal professional privilege.

ACT Memory primarily provides information about government records, rather than copies of the records themselves. We are, though, always working to publish more and more of these historical documents online through ACT Memory.

The information that you will find here shows:
• information about many groups of records created by the ACT Government since self-government (called Record Series)
• details of all of the government bodies that created records over the years (Agencies and People)
• descriptions of the types of work that those government bodies performed (Functions)
• images of available documents (Digital Objects)

Browsing and searching this information can help you to understand the ACT Government records that may be available, even if we haven’t yet provided a copy online.
If you find information about a record that you would like to see please complete our item request form. If you can’t see a specific record that you want to see, you can still ask for help to find the information you are looking for by completing our general request form.