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The function of representing and supporting the best interests of children, young people, victims of crime and other vulnerable people who are not able to pursue or protect their own interests and/or have had their freedoms removed. This incorporates people with impaired decision-making capacity, including those with a physical, mental, psychological or intellectual condition who are not able to protect, promote or defend their own welfare and justice. Actions, interventions and initiatives are intended to encourage, influence and create change so that the rights for individuals or whole client groups are attained and upheld. Includes identifying and addressing issues of systemic concern; appointing, or acting as, guardians and managers; providing protection from abuse, exploitation and neglect; improving the rights and recovery of victims of crime; providing representation to an agency, court or tribunal; monitoring of service provision and assessing risk; responding to requests for assistance or advice; and investigating, reporting and making recommendations. Also includes supporting the establishment of organisations, services and programs that support vulnerable people. The activity of giving addresses for training, professional, community relations or sales purposes. Includes speeches and multi-media presentations. The activities associated with offering opinions by or to the agency as to an action or judgment. Includes the process of advising. The processes associated with the establishment, maintenance, review and negotiation of agreements. Includes records associated with preparing agreements/contracts. Includes contracts, memoranda of understanding (MOU), deeds, leases, licences and mortgages. The activities involved in the process of appeals against decisions by application to a higher authority.



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